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With Steyer Seeds you have one name that offers as much genetic and trait-platform diversity as any other brand—meaning you have a single, dedicated seed advisor who can access all the best from Syngenta, Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences, Bayer and others. 

To find out more about products offered by Steyer Seeds visit their website: http://www.steyerseeds.com/ 

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We have a different perspective from most seed companies when it comes to striking a balance between future technologies and the traits and genetics that are currently available. We think talking about tomorrow is fine, but isn’t it more important to get the most out of your field today? Thanks to our component strategy and relationship with Dow AgroSciences, you get the genetics, traits, technology, innovation and support you need today, and the trust that you’ll have what you need tomorrow. 

To find out more about products offered by Pfister Seeds, visit http://www.pfisterseeds.com/

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Rubisco Seeds' main objective is for growers of our hybrid canola to have success in the field and in their farming business. We've worked with a diverse customer base across the US with our main focus always on yield. Our canola hybrids deliver top yield on commercial acres and in National Winter Canola Variety Trials. Ask about our canola products and what will fit your farming needs best.

Learn more at http://www.rubiscoseeds.com/index.html

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Now, more than ever, choosing the most viable forages for your farm is a very important task. With margins squeezed to the bone or non-existent, to get the most milk or meat per acre, herd-healthy high-forage diets are crucial. Second, using cropping strategies to sequester already-paid-for soil nutrients and to improve organic matter and tilth are also critical. Third, using high energy forages to increase forage/concentrate ratios to boost herd health and immune response is also crucial. 

Byron Seeds is a group of dairy farmers, beef producers, agronomists, ruminant nutritionists and grass experts who plant, harvest and feed these forages to give you the insight you need to establish the best forage program for your farm.

Learn more at http://byronseeds.net/ 

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Other Products

We also offer Garden seed, and larger quantities of sweet corn seed varieties including G-90 and Honey Select. 

We would also be able to help locate different varieties that are not so easily found. 

New to Rice Agri-Marketing is our line of Joy Dog and Cat Foods. 

For any pricing information on our products please contact us: 270-314-4317 

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